What We Believe

Circle of Grace Community Church is:
an inclusive feminist worshipping community

We are non-doctrinal and seek to re-imagine understandings of language, stories, symbols and metaphors. Our commitment is to inclusivity. We honor each one's truth and each one's journey, and feel called into community as a way of faithful response. We offer a safe place to be on a spiritual journey while challenging the assumptions of our culture.

Being inclusive is very important to us. We strive to be inclusive in our membership and our worship. We welcome all persons regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ability,class, culture, age and religious background. We use inclusive language in our reference to God and humanity.

We know that feminism means different things to different people. We embrace the variety of meanings that accompany the words “feminism” and "feminist" and find common ground in the understanding that feminism involves a critique of power.

We use the term ‘non-doctrinal’ to indicate the ecumenical character of our congregation. We highlight the things we hold in common and make space for the wisdom of our differences. Through worship and discussion we encourage and challenge one another to a healthy and active understanding of our faith.

We use the term ‘re-imagine’ to describe our process of opening understandings of language and stories, symbols and metaphors and how we creatively engage feminist theology and sacred text. We are impassioned to co-create challenging, empowering and inclusive church.